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Success of our customers, users of the platform, is priority of MLM Soft. Therefore, all subscription plans includes user support.

Please note that support is provided only to your company staff, but not to distributors / partners. To support distributors, we recommend organizing your own support center, or contacting a specialized provider. However, employees of your company working with distributors can address technical questions about the operation of the system to our support.

Ways to get help

  1. Support Center. This is an automated knowledge base where you can find answers to any questions about the operation of the system, at any time. Use the search or the structured table of contents.
  2. Built-in help within the applications. From each page of the application, you can open a linked page of knowledge base.
  3. Contact support. If you haven't found an answer in the knowledge base, write to our customer support and get a qualified answer from a specialist.

Support Service Terms and Conditions

Support is provided only by means of ticket system. You ask a question through the support center or by e-mail. A ticket is opened, and a support officer helps you solve your issue within this ticket.

Support service works:

  • From 3:00 am to 3:00 pm (GMT), working days only
  • The maximum reaction time for standard tariffs is 2 hours

For the Network and Enterprise plans there is dedicated support:

  • From 3:00 am to 3:00 pm (GMT), including weekends
  • Maximum reaction time: 1 hour
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