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Entire network page

The section page displays a list of all accounts, registered in the application, and information on them. Accounts are arranged in ascending order of ID, from smallest to largest. Account information is presented in the form of a table. The table contains the following headings: ID, account name, user name, sponsor information,registration date, contact information, etc.

The main purpose of the "Entire network" page is access to contact and other data of all participants in the structure. This page is useful if you need, for example, to sample participants in a certain region. Or if you want to upload a list of customers with contact information, or e-mail addresses, for example, for mass mailings.

Available operations:
The following operations are available in the section:sorting, setting columns, exporting, canceling sorting.
In the"Account" column, the fields are the names of the accounts that are links to the 
Account Menu.

In the "Entire network" functional panel you can create a new account - the "Create a new account" button. By clicking on the button "Create a new account" you will be taken to the page of creating a new account

Features of the "Entire network" custom filter:
The following fields are available on the "Entire network" page in the user filter:

1. Status -from the list offered, select the state that will be used for filtering accounts, available options:

  • All- all accounts registered in the application are displayed (the default value).

  • Active- only accounts with the status "On" are displayed.

  • Inactive- Only accounts with status "Off" are displayed.

  • Deleted- only the deleted accounts are displayed (the functionality is available only to the user with administrative rights).

2. Country -from the list of countries, select the country that will be used for filtering accounts. The default value is "All".

3. Region -the list is available only if "Country" is selected. From the list, select the state \ region/state. available for the selected country. The default value is "All".

A detailed filter for any column is also available (see the link"More").

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