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Tree view page

In this section, we view normalized trees (binary, trinary, etc.) in the form of a graph. This view is available for all trees except Genealogy. The section page shows the structure of all accounts registered in the application in the form of a set of linked nodes (tree), depending on the selected business plan.

Each node contains the account number, name and turnover (the information displayed by default).

The graph is constructed for the first account position of the current account in this tree, because she is the "top" of all.
Each account is displayed in a separate node / cell. Along with the current account, all upline, frontline and downline positions of the current account and  connection between them are displayed. By default all upline and frontline accounts are opened, the rest (if any) are hidden.
If there are hidden sublevels, the "plus" icon is displayed in the lower right corner of the cell, by clicking on it, one next level is turned down. If the level is expanded, the "cross" icon is displayed in the lower right corner of the cell, by clicking on it the entire downline folds.
The effect of the system filter on the content of the page is similar to the pages with the table. But instead of the rows of the table, the nodes of the tree graph are filtered.
In the display settings, the administrator can specify, what information about the users to display in the cells of the tree.

Property display settings
In the "Tree view" section, you can configure the displayed information about your account. To do this, click the gear icon in the upper right corner.
On the "Propertiy settings" form, use the two-way arrow to drag properties, that you want to display from the right window to the left one.

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