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Marketing activity tab

Information on the marketing activity of the distributor, such as marketing indicators, rank, position in the tree, etc., is on the "Marketing Activity" tab of the account page, the link to which is located in the "Account Menu".

In the title of the page you see the full username of the account.
Next to the user name is the star icon, by clicking on it, the account is added / deleted to the Favorites list.
Under the user name, the second line displays the account ID and, if any, the country and state name.
If there are several trees on the page, information blocks on the plan are displayed (plans, if there is more than one plan in one tree).
To switch between trees (if more than one) occurs at the choice of tabs with the name of the corresponding tree.

Marketing indicators

In the left part of the page there is a block with marketing indicators of this account. Marketing indicators are shown for each position of this account for all trees (if there are several trees in the system).
By default, the indicators of the current period are displayed.
In order to see the history, under the name is the period switcher. Switching periods occurs by clicking on the arrows located under the name of the plan.
Below on the page are the block / blocks with the plan / plans indicators for the selected period and their values.
If the indicator can be edited manually, its value is displayed as a link, by clicking on which the form for entering a new value is opened.


On the right side of the page there is a block with information on the selected position. In the classical version of the compensation plan (one tree), the account usually has only one position. But in some cases (for example, a binary, matrix, or combined compensation plan), there can be several positions.
The panel shows the main characteristics of the account position in the selected tree:

  • Position id: position number, date of creation and "Delete position" button, which opens a window for deleting the account (The button is not displayed for the "Genealogy" tree).
  • Sponsor: Sponsor's ID, full sponsor's name in the form of a link (opens the Account menu) and the "Change Sponsor" button, which opens a window for changing the sponsor.
  • Level of position in the tree

    The positions above this account (upline) are displayed on the corresponding tab - "Upline positions".
    The list of the first line items located directly under this position (frontline) is displayed on the corresponding tab "Frontline positions".
    Please note, that all accounts in the first and second tabs are in the form of links, similar to the sponsor.

Function panel

On the account pages, the following operations are available on the functional panel:

  • "Add  point operation"
  • "Transfer points to the next period"
  • "Transfer points to another account"
  • "New position"
    For a description of the operations with points, see "Transfer and reserve points" and description of creating a new position, see "Creating a new position".

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