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Create new position option

In the Account profile (opened from the Account Menu), you can create a new position for the account. To do this, click on the "New Position" button on the function panel.

Using the "Add position" form, the program administrator can add a position to the account manually.

Comments on the form:

  • For account - enter the account from the keyboard or select (by the button "Select account") the account for which the position in the tree will be added. By default, the field specifies the account of the distributor in which the form was opened.
  • Head account - enter from the keyboard or select (by the button "Select account") the account under which this account will be signed.

After filling in the form, click the "Submit" button. The position will be added. The positions available for the account are displayed under the names of the available trees (look at the picture below).
Initially, the position is assigned when creating a new account (see the section "Create a new account").
For a tree with a binary structure, you can determine the number of the position occupied (1 or 2) in the selected position. The position number is displayed in the block with the position description.

If a change of position operation is available, the "Change position" button is active. By clicking on the "Change position" button a form opens with the choice of the position number. For example:

After filling in the form, clicking on the button "Submit" changes the position.

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