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In the "Payroll" section, information about the withdrawal of funds from the distributor's wallets is displayed.

In the section "Finance" / "Payroll" you can manage applications made from a personal cabinet. You can view and change application statuses, filter requests (by account, period, status and payment system) and create new orders.

In the column ID, a number is displayed in the form of a link, which opens to the page with information on the selected query.

For convenience, requests are displayed on three tabs:

  • Requests made on the site are displayed on the "Online" tab
  • Requests processed manually are displayed on the "Manual" tab
  • On the "All" tab, you can see a list of all types of requests.

In order to limit the amount of data displayed, for example, you need to view the requests only in the "Canceled" status, filtering of requests is available on each tab of the section. Filtering data on the "Payroll" page is performed using the "User Filter", which consists of the following fields:

  • Period - select the time period from the offered list or specify your own.
  • Status - select the status of the application from the offered list - available statuses of the application:
    - Active,
    - In progress,
    - Completed,
    - Canceled.
  • Payment system - select the payment system of the application.
    Filtering data in the context of one account is possible using the "System Filter".

It is possible to use two filters at the same time, for example, you need to find applications in the status of "Completed" for the Ivan Ivanov account for the current month. To do this, enter the account information in the system filter, and then the period in the field of the custom filter "Period" and select the status in the "Status" field.

The following operations are available in the section:

  • Create single request - create an application for withdrawal of funds to a linked card or account.

To create single request, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the button "Create single request" on the functional panel, in the opened "Select Account" window, find and select (link "Select") account.
  2. In the opened form "New payout request" fill in the fields: "Wallet", "Amount", "Payment system" and card / account details; and click "Submit".
  3. The request for payment will be created and will appear on the page in the list of requests.
  • Create bulk request - create request for a massive payment to the accounts of the entire network or accounts of the selected country.
    Recommendations for filling out the form:
    - Receivers - select by the receivers of the transfer the entire network of distributors "All network" or distributors of one country - "Selected country" (you must select a country).
    - Wallet - select wallet from which the funds will be written off.
    - Amount - mark the desired option: "All available balance" - if you want to generate a payment to the entire available balance of distributors; "Available balance, but no more ... and no less ..." - set the upper and lower limits of the transfer amount; or "Other amount, if available" - specify the exact amount of the transfer; and specify the transfer amount.
    - Payment system - choose the payment system with which to make the transfer.
    - Put a "tick" in the field "Do not create request if receiver doesn't have payment credentials assigned", if the request should not be created for the receivers, without certain card or account details.

  • Export requests - export all active (or selected active) requests of the selected payment system with a status change (if necessary) to the file.

  • Manual processing - processing the application manually. In order to process the request / requests manually, you must perform the following actions:
  1. If you need to process certain orders, then select them in the list using the "checkmark". Clicking on the "tick" in the header of the table will select all applications on the page.
  2. Click the "Manual processing" button at the top of the page.

3. In the opened form "Requests processing" fill in the fields:

  • Requests - select the desired option "All active requests", "All requests in "In progress"or" Selected "(if any were ticked in the table before).
  • Choose the payment system through which this request / requests will be processed, from the drop-down list of available systems.
  • Set the status of the order as executed - "Set as completed" or "Set as canceled".

4. Click "Submit" to complete the operation.

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