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Financial registry

In the section "Finance" / "Financial registry" you can see the financial balance (cash flow and their flows for a certain period of time) for each wallet, for:

  • all accounts;
  • one selected account.To see the balance for a certain period, you can use the custom filter (see section "User filter") - "Period" (by default, the total balance is displayed).
    If you need to see the movement of funds in the context of one account and its structure, use the system filter at the top of the page (see section "System Filter"). With a given system filter, the selected account and its structure (upline, downline, frontline) are highlighted in colors.
    It is possible to use two filters simultaneously, for example, you need data for the account of Ivan Ivanov for the current month. To do this, enter the account information in the system filter, and then the period in the custom filter field.The export menu is available in the table menu, and the sorting in the columns of the table (see "Working with tables").
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