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In the "Finance" / "Payroll" section, the following manual withdrawing operations are available:

  • Create single request - create request for withdrawal of funds to a linked card.

To create single request, follow these steps:

  1. Click the button "Create single request" on the taskbar, in the opened "Select Account" window, find and select (link "Select") account.

  2. In the opened form "New payout request" fill in the fields: "Wallet", "Amount", "Payment system" and card / account details (credentials); and click "Submit". Please note, that the details will be available if they are listed in the online account in the module My credentials.

  3. The request for payment will be created and it will appear on the page in the request list.

  • Create bulk request - create request for a massive payment to the accounts of the entire network or accounts of the selected country.
  • Export requests - export all active (or selected) requests of the selected payment system with a status change (if necessary) to the file.

  • Manual processing - processing the request manually.

In order to process the request / requests manually, you must perform the following actions:

  1. If you need to process certain requetss, then select them in the list using the "checkmark". Clicking on the "tick" in the header of the table will select all applications on the page.
    2. Click the "Manual" button at the top of the page on the functional panel.
    3. In the opened form "Requests processing" fill in the fields:
  • Requets - select the desired option "All active requests", "All requests 'in Progress' " In progress "or" Selected "(if checked).
  • Choose the payment system through which this request / requests will be processed, from the drop-down list of available systems.
  • Check the status of the order as executed - "Set as fulfilled" or "Set as canceled".

4. Tap "Submit" to complete the operation.
Depending on request status the background color of the table line can be different:

  • The active request is a normal (transparent) color.
  • The request in progress is a light gray color.
  • The fulfilled request is gray.
  • The canceled request is a light pink color.
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