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Section management of calculations for business operations.

In the "Compensation Plan" / "Computing" section you can find information about the status and periodicity of the administrator-configured periods, the history of running the created macros, and the history of operations on a schedule.

On the "Computing" page, the information is placed on two tabs: "Period Close" and "Macros".


On the "Period Close" tab, the periods of all existing compensation plans are displayed (see the "Compensation Plans Engine" / "Configure Plans" section). Here you can find information about the current period of each plan, and proceed to its calculation and completion of the period for a specific plan.
A period is called a tuned, repetitive period of time during which registration of marketing indicators (properties) is carried out.
By clicking on the button "Proceed to next period", the period closes, and the calculated figures are calculated according to the rules set by the administrator (see the "Compensation plans engine" / "Plan parameters" section).
Attention! After clicking on the button "Proceed to next period", the application goes into the computing mode.

When you transfer the system to the computing mode, the application stops processing incoming events. Upon completion of calculations, the processing of the incoming events queue is resumed automatically, and all the accumulated events will be immediately processed.
In computing mode, the "Period Close" tab displays the progress of the computing process, indicating the statistics and changing the indicators for the list of all business operations.
Calculate each operation by clicking the "Run!" Button.
By the operations already performed, information about the date / time, users who performed the operation and the list of affected parameters is displayed.

Also, depending on the operation type, the type of periodicity, the closing conditions (manual or automatic - see the "compensation plan engine" / "plan adjustment"), as well as on the current server date relative to the closing date of the period, the relevant information is displayed:

  • For recalculation operations (recalculation of the marketing properties of the whole tree according to the set of rules) - the number of positions that have changed marketing indicators and a list of changed indicators.
  • For bonuses payment operations (materialization of bonuses for account purses) - the number of accounts that are credited with bonuses and a list of changed bonus indicators.
  • For the period change operation (the procedure for closing the current opening of a new period, with the specified order and settlement rules), the name of the new period is displayed.

To see the results of the calculations of the completed processes, click the "View results" link.
Under the link "View results" you will go to the page of the "Document registry" section (see the "Document registry" section).

On the Macros tab, you can view a list of all the macros configured in the application and start them. A macro is a sequential set of business operations of a specific tree, specified by the application administrator (see section "Engine Configurator / Configuration Tools").
The macro starts by clicking the "Run the macros" button.

After the macro starts, the calculation of the indicator / indicators entering into it takes place. At the end of the process, detailed information about the document can be viewed on a separate page - under the link "Details".
For each macro, the history of the last run of this macro is displayed. If there were a lot of operations, then all the start-up operations can be viewed by clicking the link "View full history".

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