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Business transaction settlements are managed with the help of documents that perform volume, rank and counter calculations.

In the section "Compensation plan"/"Document register" you can find information about already executed documents with calculations of such operations as creation of accounts, charging and deduction of volumes, payment of bonuses, as well as period closing.

On this page the information is located in the form of a table, the columns of which reflect the time of operation, the current status of the document, the type of executed operation, the code on the basis of which the calculation is made, as well as the result of the document passing through the system.

In order to add the necessary document to your queue it is necessary to click the button "CREATE DOCUMENT" from the upper left on this page, after what choose the document type and fill in the arguments necessary for its execution in the menu which will be opened.


This is also where you can go to calculate and close a period on your marketing plan.

A period is a configured, recurring segment of time during which marketing metrics (properties) are recorded.

Payment of bonuses at the end of the financial period, and thus its closing, is calculated on the basis of ranks and volumes of network members, ranks are calculated on the basis of volumes and counters and most often, the documents necessary for period closing are numbered in the sequence in which they should be launched.

Accordingly, the order for closing the period will be as follows:

1. We will put the queue on pause so that the incoming documents will not be executed at the moment of bonuses calculation, but will be put in the queue on the conveyor. You can pause the queue using the big red button "STOP" on the Document Register page;

2. update counters, namely how many people in the structure, how many of them are in required statuses, etc. - this is done by the CounterCalc document or Update Counters;

3. Calculate/recalculate volumes (this can be an update of data that are counted in rltime like Network Volume, but there can also be calculations for qualification volumes that are needed for ranks) - this is done by the document VolumeCalc or Recalculate Volumes;

4. Calculate ranks - document RankCalc or Calculate ranks. When the counters and volumes have been counted, you can use that updated data to calculate the ranks. This works with any volume data, both real and test data, which allows you to manually credit the account with the right type of volume and check what rank the partner will get at closing;

5. Calculate bonuses - BonusCalc document or Calculation of bonuses. After participants of the network have deserved ranks, you can pay bonuses. At testing, you can manually set the ranks and see, what will be paid out;

6. 6. Period closing or PeriodClose. Respectively, it is necessary to close old period, save data on it, open new period and zero out indicators.

7. After all performed operations (they can take some time), remove the queue from pause.

If the queue is paused, but some document still needs to be processed urgently, you should tick in batch at the bottom of the opened window when starting it manually through the Create DOCUMENT button.

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