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Installation of МLM integration modules

Plugins and components (themes) of MLM Soft integration are installed as well as any other Drupal extensions.

You can download thisMLM Soft integration plugin from official repositories or request these plugins through the technical Support of MLM Soft Company.

На данный момент интеграция MLM Soft состоит из следующих функциональных блоков (компонент):

 Now MLM Soft integration consists of the next functional blocks (components):



MLMSoft Base 

MLMSoft base module. 

Key basic plugin. Mandatory to install. Provides internal interface for the functioning of MLM Soft API and a bunch of user's profile of Drupal and MLM Soft.

Requires: Flexalex Base, Drupal API Facade, Block attributes, Block Countries, Drupal 7 API Facade (for 7th version)

MLMSoft UI + OnlineOffice Theme

MLMSoft user interface widgets and pages. 

Mandatory to install.

MLMSoft UI plugin works with OnlineOffice Theme.

Together it combines the parts of user's interface in the form of widgets and pages.

Requires: MLMSoft Base, Flexalex Base, Drupal API Facade

MLMSoft Commerce

MLMSoft Drupal Commerce integration.

MLF Soft extension (optional) for the support of Drupal commerce.

Requires: MLMSoft Base, Flexalex Base, Drupal API Facade, Drupal 7 API Facade (for 7th version), Product, Commerce , System, Entity API, Rules, Entity tokens, Price

MLMSoft Kayako Helpdesk Api

Module for interaction with Kayako API system.

MLF Soft extension (optional) for the support of Kayako HelpDesk.

Requires: MLMSoft Base, Flexalex Base, Drupal API Facade, Drupal 7 API Facade (for 7th version)

OnlineOffice Theme setup is performed in the usual manner.

After MLM Soft installation according to the table (see upper) "Home\Configuration\Appearance" will be available for editing (“MLMSoft Online Office 1.0”), then one could to choose it and set up as it is performing in Drupal theme.

MLM Soft integration plugins itself are activated in standard Modules Drupal section where MLM Soft section appears:

Data setup of 4 MLM Soft integration blocks are performed by configuration of CMS itself. In Configuration section of main Drupal menu new additional block available for setup appears. (Home\Configuration\MLM Soft):

The common view of configuration window of this section is presented in the table below:


Account settings

Configure fields mapping between Drupal and MLM Soft accounts.

API client settings

Configure MLM Soft API client settings.

Kayako API client settings

Kayako API client settings
Configure Kayako API client settings.

UI settings

Configure MLMSoft UI settings.

  • Account settings  - this section is for mapping of Online Office fields with CMS Drupal user and its display of Sponsor ID in registration form. 

  • API client settings - this section is for common settings for user's OnlineOffice API connection to MLM Soft platform.

  • Kayako API client settings - this section id for common settings for Online Office connection to Help Desk by  Kayako API

  • UI settings - is for common and specific settings of user's OnlineOffice interface according to used type of compensation plan, MLM network structure and requirements to widget's view.

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