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Settings of OnlineOffice interface

UI settings is responsible for common and specific interface of user's OnlineOffice  depending on type of compensation plan MLM company network structure and requirements to widgets display.(Page "Home / Configuration / MLM Soft / UI settings")

Basically UI settings section consists of 3 or more tabs :


UI settings - СOMMON

Source for the MLMSoft links

Select what should be displayed as the MLMSoft Online Office menu.

To select a source of display OnlineOffice menu structure

Number of wallet balance blocks

To select a number of  “Wallet Balance”blocks in order to show the wallets as widgets

Number of marketing property values blocks

To select a number of   “Marketing property values”in order to show marketing properties of a plan and account options as widgets

Number of history plot blocks

To select a number of “History Plots” to show the data according to history  as widgets

Number of visual prize blocks

To select a number of “Visual Prize” blocks to show as widgets

Number of downline pages

To select a number of “Downline” pages

Number of tree chart pages

To select a number of  “Tree chart” pages in order to show the network as a tree

Number of binary view pages

To select a number of  “Binary View” pages in order to show binary plan

Position detail properties
One alias per line

Order of fields:

For example:


User profile property aliases: First name (u.firstname), Last name (u.lastname), E-mail (, Phone (, Country (u.country_id), Country/Region (u.country_and_region), Avatar (u.avatar_id), Birth date (u.birth_date), Skype ID (, Mailing Address (u.Mailing_address), Region (u.region_id), Login (u.login), Postal/ZIP code (u.Postal/ZIP_code), Gender (u.gender), Card ID (u.card_id), Swissgolden partner activated (u.sg_activated). Marketing property aliases: Activity (m.Activity), Activity weeks left (m.ActivityLeft), Direction (m.SponsorTeam), Downline (m.Downline), Enrolled Buyers (m.EnrolledBuyers), Group Volume (m.GV), GV left (m.lGV), GV right (m.rGV), Importing PV (m.SPECIAL_UNIGOLD_ImportPV), Left team (m.lTeam), Left team personally enrolled (m.lEnrolled), Left welcome (m.lWelcome), Matching Bonus (m.MatchingB), Period team bonus (m.pTeamB), Personal Volume (m.PV), Purchases (m.Purchases), Rank (m.Rank), Referral Bonus (m.RefB), Right team (m.rTeam), Right team personally enrolled (m.rEnrolled), Right welcome (m.rWelcome), Spill Leg (m.SpillLeg), Status (m.Status), Swissgolden partner activated status (m.SPECIAL_UNIGOLD_SG_Activation), Target status to apply (m.SPECIAL_UNIGOLD_TargetStatus), Team Bonus (m.TeamB), Team qualification (m.TeamQ), Total GV left (m.lTGV), Total GV right (m.rTGV), Total team size (m.tTeam)

Choose files or drag and drop files
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