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“Wallet Balance” widget type

This widget type is required to display a current wallet balance of any user.

For example, at the level of system settings one can open the main wallet in USD, 2nd wallet in cryptowallet (bitcoin, BTC), and third wallet in some virtual currency and to show the balance for in separate wallet.

In order to set up “Wallet Balance” widget we go to “Home\Structure\Blocks”, then choose required block data with its name or block number and open configuration menu:

Block title

“Virtual Wallet”

it is possible to set block name


“Virtual Wallet”

In drop-down menu we choose alias name for required wallet, that is opened in system NRM platform settings.

For example, here we choose Virtual wallet, where Alias= Virtual_wallet with currency type USD (ID=1) complies with this name



In drop-down menu we choose we choose the color of wallet, f.ex. black.

Icon class

Here you can set default icon or another icon in CSS format is indicated.

As a result we get wallet widget with USD currency type.

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