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“Marketing Property Values” widget type

This widget type is needed for account status displaying in details, condition and number of network participants, current parameters of compensation plan, bonus wallet balance as well as other personalised indicators. 

For example, in order to see account status at widget level we go to “Home\Structure\Blocks”, choose required block of data then go to configuration menu.

The main settings are performed in Properties window by selecting an appropriate aliases that regulate the display of needed data:

Block title

Account Status
Задаем имя блока данных, в данном случае - “Account Status”

To set the block data name, “Account Status” (for this case)


One property alias per line

Available properties (aliases) 

names are selected from the list of available aliases responsible for displaying of different indicators.

For example:





Available properties (aliases): Activity (Activity), Activity weeks left (ActivityLeft), Direction (SponsorTeam), Downline (Downline), Enrolled Buyers (EnrolledBuyers), Group Volume (GV), GV left (lGV), GV right (rGV), Importing PV (SPECIAL_UNIGOLD_ImportPV), Left team (lTeam), Left team personally enrolled (lEnrolled), Left welcome (lWelcome), Matching Bonus (MatchingB), Period team bonus (pTeamB), Personal Volume (PV), Purchases (Purchases), Rank (Rank), Referral Bonus (RefB), Right team (rTeam), Right team personally enrolled (rEnrolled), Right welcome (rWelcome), Spill Leg (SpillLeg), Status (Status), Swissgolden partner activated status (SPECIAL_UNIGOLD_SG_Activation), Target status to apply (SPECIAL_UNIGOLD_TargetStatus), Team Bonus (TeamB), Team qualification (TeamQ), Total GV left (lTGV), Total GV right (rTGV), Total team size (tTeam)

Having set up the displaying of date as in table above, we can get a visual reflection.

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