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User interface

The application interface uses a set of sample elements on all pages of the application. This allows the user to easily navigate the program and effectively use all the features of the application. The figures show an example of the program screen showing the main work areas.

  1. Menu;
  2. System Panel;
  3. Workspace.

1. The menu is a hierarchical list, with which you can go to the interesting section / subsection of the application.
2. The system menu consists of several areas:

  • System Filter - to filter information for the entire application (by ID, login, email, name, phone or email), start typing the word in the search box. Search is made by matching the input characters. The displayed information on each page of the application will be filtered by the selected value (see section "System Filter").
  • Switching the interface language, which is performed by clicking on the En / Ru icon in the upper right corner.
  • Links to "Help", "Favorites" (see Favorites), "History" (see History) and switching to "User profile" (see section "Account profile").
  • Exiting the application is done by selecting the "Exit" option from the list offered by clicking on the "User profile" icon.3. The workspace is the area in which the actions are performed with the application elements and various queries are formed. Depending on the item selected in the menu, a page of the section / sub-section with information and tools for working with it opens in the work area.

    Information about accounts is presented in the table, in which the following actions are available:
  • Sorting data (using arrows)
  • Configuring columns (for a detailed description, see Working with Tables)
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