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Payment system

1) payment-system/get-list

The method returns the list of payment systems.

The request without parameters will return all payment systems registered in the system.

Parameter values can be 0 or 1.

Parameter Type Mandatory
Default value Note
isActive boolean no 0  
isEnrollment boolean no 0 using for fillup
isPayout boolean no 0 using for payout

2) payment-system/get-payment-bill

This method returns information about the payment document.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Mandatory field Note
id Integer yes Record id

3) payment-system/manual-processing

Manual change of payout request status

Method - POST

Request parameters

Parameter Type Mandatory field Default value Note
string yes  
one of the values:
operation string yes  
one of the values:
paymentSystemId Integer yes   payment system id (see table kernel_payment_system)
paymentBillIds array no   account id

4) payment-system/payout/create

The method creates a request for payout.

 Records are created in the database in the document table and Payment Bills. After that, the task is queued for the Document Launcher. Document Launcher  calls the appropriate function from CPEngine to withdraw funds from the specified wallet.

Method - POST

Request parameters

Integer Yes   Wallet type ID
  see table kernel_wallet_type
paymentPersonalDataId Integer No   PaymentPersonalDataId (table kernel_payment_personal_data). If the corresponding record does not exist and the createPaymentPersonalDataIfNeeded flag, as well as the accountId and paymentSystemId are passed, then such an record is created automatically based on the values taken from the user profile.
  Otherwise, error 1100 "Personal Payment Data does not exist" is returned.
amount Double Yes   The amount to be withdrawn from the wallet. The amount must be negative
createPaymentPersonalDataIfNeeded Boolean No false Create a record in the kernel_payment_personal_data table if empty. In this case, the accountId and paymentSystemId parameters are required.
paymentSystemId Integer No   Payment system ID (see table  kernel_payment_system)
accountId Integer No   Account ID

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