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To always be able to quickly open the desired, often used account, you can add it to the "Favorites" list.
You can always return to your saved accounts by clicking on the "Favorites" icon at the top bar of any page of the application.
How to add an account to Favorites?

In the "Favorites" list, you can add in two ways:

1. Through the account menu, which is available in most application tables where the account name appears. In the account menu, select "Add to Favorites."

2. On the detailed account information page, click on the "star" next to the account name.

How to view the "Favorites" list?

Then the saved positions can be found in the list that opens by clicking on the "star" in the upper right corner.

If there are many entries, the full list is opened by clicking on the See All button.

How to remove from the "Favorites" list?

To remove from the "Favorites" list, select "Remove from Favorites" in the account menu.

The account will be deleted from the "Favorites" list.

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