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Requests execution through the DocumentLauncher

General information

This mechanism is designed to ensure the consistency of calculations in the CPE and to eliminate the unpredictability of the result of the CPE.

When executing a request through the Document Launcher, an entry is first created in the kernel_document table. All information about the progress of the request is recorded in this table. The final result is written to the result field as a JSON-encoded string. Document information can be obtained via request document/get.

Also, if the onSuccessURL and onFailURL parameters are passed to the original request, the corresponding callbacks will be called based on the result of the request execution.

Additional request parameters

Parameter Type Mandatory field Note
onSuccessURL String No If the request is successfully executed via DocumentLauncher and if this parameter is present, an HTTP request is made to
onFailURL String No In case of an error in executing the request via DocumentLauncher and with this parameter present, an HTTP request is made to

Request execution

When calling a request executed through a queue is successful, the following result will be obtained:

Successful response

 "errorCode": 0,  
 "primary": {    
  "message""Request queued successfully",    
  "payload": {      
      "documentId": 1083    
  "errors": [],    
  "debug": []  
 "secondary": [],  
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