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How to add personal volume manually

Sometimes you need to add (or change) personal volume of any member manually.

In most cases there is no need to do it manually, as this personal volume comes to the platform and its compensation plan engine automatically from another part of the platform (from the Onlineoffice app, if purchase is made through this app), or via integration with any 3rd party software (for example, from your online shop integrated with the platform).

However sometimes, especially on the early stage of your MLM startup when not all the processes are automated, there could be a need to add this personal volume manually.

It may be helpful for offline sales for examples, when network member just come up to your office and purchased products there.

For this there is an option in NRM application called 'add point operation'.

To use this option you should find the member first, then go to his profile, and find the button called 'add point operation'.

Here you can add points. Please check twice before doing this as it can lead to unwanted consequences. 

You should choose right marketing property to add points to. In most cases it is Personal volume which is used as primary volume and all other volumes are calculated depending on it. 

Do not change group volumes directly!

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