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How to calculate bonuses and close period

Most of compensation plans calculate bonuses and other metrics according to specific periods.

It can be a month (for classical plans), or it can be a week (for hybrid and binary plan), or any other periodicity.

Some bonuses and metrics can be calculated in real-time, but most important values are calculated on period close anyway.

So you have to make this final calculation, close current period, and initialize the new one.

Let's see how you can do this in NRM app.

First, go to Computing page.

Here you choose the compensation plan you want to calculate. In most cases there is only one compensation plan so you won't be confused. And then push Start button.

When you start this, the system turns into 'computing mode'. In this mode all the events that can affect calculations, such as new member registrations, new purchases, and so on, will be delayed in a queue, and then will be processed after you finish period closing.

In computing mode you should go though a few steps to make it done.

  1. First, calculate everything (the first button). Here all the metrics will be calculated finally across all the network: volumes, ranks, bonuses.
  2. Then, pay the bonuses off (the second button). Here all the bonuses calculated will be added to network member's virtual wallets, so they can use this in future (to pay for purchases or to request withdrawal).
  3. And the last thing, is to finalize current period and open new one (the third, last button). Here all calculated data are to be saved in history so you can find it, and new period is open.
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