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Payeer integration

In order to integrate payment acceptance via Payeer in MLM Soft personal accounts or in the frontend part (e-shop, boarding), you first need to have an account at, the website of this payment service.

In order for your application to go to moderation *, you need to fill in all the necessary fields that are required and download the text file and send it to us to place it at the root of the site to confirm the domain.

Important: this provider does not work with subdomains, so your personal account or online store/landing must be on your own domain.

After the application is approved, it is necessary to provide us with integration data:

- two secret keys (SecretKey, AdditionalParametersEncryptKey - they can be set by the user in the merchant settings) and the shop number (ShopID).

In the merchant settings, you must specify Handler URL: https://[yourdomain]/api2/common/payment-system/fill-up-callback?ps=payeer

Success/fail URL - it is a link to your domain where the purchase takes place.

* MLM Soft has no relation to and is not responsible for possible connection failures to the payment provider.

Please also note that MLM Soft has nothing to do with the fees charged by the payment provider.

More information is available on the website Payeer API.

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