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Basic configurations

Basic configurations of the online office are just pre-defined configurations suitable for a specific type of MLM business.

In both cases it's the same online office app so you can customize it in any way later on.

There are 2 main points which affect configuration:

  • Type of compensation plan
  • Type of products 

Configurations for different compensation plans

We have 3 types of basic configurations suitable for different types of compensation plan:

  • Classic (linear, unilevel, or breakaway) plans
  • Binary (hybrid) plans
  • Matrix plans

For each of these plans there are a few specific components and pages, while most of the pages and components are similar.

For the binary plans we have component called 'team view' where binary team is shown in a very useful and convenient way. 

For the matrix plans we have component that shows the matrix (board) itself.

Configuration for different products

Depending on what you're going to sell through MLM channel we made pre-defined configurations with one or another online checkout component:

  • Catalog of different products. 
  • Starter-kits / subscriptions
  • Sales in your e-commerce platform

If you have at least 6 SKUs of different products (normally in this case we speak about physical goods) it's suitable to use our online order component which is similar to any e-commerce website with its catalog, shopping cart, and checkout.

However, if you sell a few products, which could be starter kits or subscriptions, or packages, which normally people buy online once joining the network, it's better to use component called 'starter kit purchase'.

Sometimes all your sales are processed outside of the online office in your e-commerce platform, or any other software. In this case all sales data goes to the platform by integration via API, thus you don't need any checkout component in the online office app.

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