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Referral links preferences

On the referral links configuration page you can add your company's websites (your corporate website, landing pages) for your distributors to enable them to provide referral links :

Click "Add" button, specify the name of the website and its URL .

The name of the website is required to make clear the purpose of this site to your distributors, i.e. in which case they should promote a certain link, for example: "Product landing page", "Business landing page", "Promo page for  a holiday".

This name will be shown in the Onlineoffice in the corresponding module.

Insertion code

For each added website , two .js insertion codes are generated.

The first code should be inserted on all pages of your website (inside the <body> tag). You (or a technical staff of your website) can do  this easily through the management system of your site.

The second code should be inserted in the "Registration" button or link  (or other element with the same functionality). It is necessary for passing ID of a distributor, the owner of the link, to the registration form.

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