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Stripe integration

In order to integrate Stripe payment gateway with the Cloud Platform what you need first is to create a merchant account at Stripe.

Once you have your account approved do the following configuration in your Stripe store settings:

Add a webhook endpoint  with EndpointURL: https://<hostname>/api2/common/payment-system/fill-up-callback?ps=stripe

For example:

Then add the following events for notifications at the same page:

  • customer.created
  • payment_intent.succeeded
  • payment_intent.processing
  • payment_intent.payment_failed
  • payment_intent.created

IMPORTANT: the company name field must be filled in in the profile settings

When you done with this setup, please send the following details to the Helpdesk:



3.endpoint_secret, which you will receive when you finished your webhook endpoint configuration

* MLM Soft is not related to and is not responsible for possible merchant account disapproval by the payment provider.

Please also keep in mind that MLM Soft has nothing to do with the fees that the payment provider charges for payments.

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