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Setting up the registration of new distributors

The NRM administrator can change the registration settings for new distributors in 2 sections.

Configurator - System Settings - Global Settings - Login Type

You can set the type of login, the default is Email.

You can set the parameters of the password and the way it is created:

Automatically - the password is generated by system and is sent in the letter after registration;

By user - the user enters his password when registering 2 times, to eliminate typing errors, you can set the password directly at registration or after clicking the link to confirm the email.

You can set the minimum password length, make the use of special or CamelCase characters mandatory.

Configurator - Member accounts - Registration - Self-registration

The sponsor identification method is not set in the settings at the moment, registration is possible with the manual indication of the ID of the sponsor, by the sponsor's referral link.

It is possible to enable registration mode without a sponsor, in which case the default sponsor is selected, under which new distributors will be placed.

In the administrative panel of the backoffice GRAV Admin - Themes - Theme - Registration you can set:

the order of profile fields during registration, prescribing all fields in the right order;
HTML content at the end of the registration form for each localization;
set the registration type:

  • open - available to all;
  • referaral - available only by referral link (no Sing-Up button);
  • hidden - available only through the link to the registration form (no Sing-Up button);

Additional configuration of the ID as a login script

When selecting ID as a login type in the Global Configurator settings, you must set the Type of password creation - By user.

In the Configurator - Member Accounts - Profile Fields section set the Email field as optional.
In the administrative panel of the personal backoffice GRAV Admin - Themes - Theme - Registration - Login validation type set Account ID and save.
After making these settings, the registration process changes (you may need to clear your browser cache), after successful registration the user should be immediately authorized in the personal backoffice and get redirected to the main page.

At the moment registration options described in this article can be set, any other registration options require additional development.

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