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Financial operations

The system provides the following types of financial operations:

1.Bonus calculation

2.Internal transfers (between personal wallets and between users'wallets of the system)

3.Fill up / Payout of Funds

Financial transactions are carried out in relation to virtual wallets. The possibility and conditions for conducting certain financial transactions are determined by the rules.

Bonus calculation

The main purpose of using virtual wallets is to account for bonuses.Depending on the settings and business process of the company,bonuses are accrued on the basis of the closing of the period, for the whole network as a whole, either according to a specified schedule or in real time, that is instantly (see details in the section Business operations).

Since virtual wallets are not real wallets, but a register of the company's obligations to users, at the moment of "charging" the bonus the company has an obligation to the distributor for the amount of this bonus.

For example, if a company accrued a $ 100 bonus to the distributor, it means that the company must pay this amount to the distributor. This is reflected in the user's virtual wallet.

Since bonuses in the process of calculating the compensation plan are most often considered in points, when calculating bonuses on the wallet,the points are converted into real currency. Bonuses are calculated in the system by mass replenishment of users' virtual wallet for the amount of commission payments on the basis of the calculated period.

After the receipt of funds as a result, the user can use them to make purchases within the system, payout of funds and other operations by wallets.

Setting the accrual of specific bonuses to wallets is carried out in the section of Engine configurator. There you can also set the conversion rate of points in the currency of the wallet.

Transfers within the system

The system provides the ability to transfer funds between personal virtual wallets of one user (if there are several wallets), as well as transfers between users' virtual wallets. It is important to understand, that when transferring money within the system, money are not transferred through any payment system. This operation is an internal virtual operation - changing the obligations within the system.

In the case of transfer between the user's wallets the currency of the wallet is taken into account. If the wallets currencies coincide,then in the process of transferring funds, no conversion takes place.In case when the wallets currencies do not coincide, then the money will be converted at the rate in the currency settings during the transfer. Also, for carrying out this type, special rules can be specified that are tied to virtual wallets. These rules may specify the minimum or maximum amount of the transfer, as well as the commission fee for the transfer.

Similarly,funds are transferred between the wallets of different accounts. Only in this case, the user needs to specify the user to whom the transfer will be made.

Internal transfers can be initiated by the administrator inside the system(see Transfer account to account) or by the user in the Online office(see module Transfer account to account or module Wallet to wallet transfer).

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