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Payment systems

Payment systems are used to fill up money into virtual wallets, as well as payout from virtual wallets to users' accounts with payment systems.

Opportunities for filling up and payout of funds may be limited:

  • by conditions of payment system 

  • by rules for setting up virtual wallet

For example, some systems allow only fill up money into wallets, with the help of other payment systems it is possible to make both fill up and payout of funds. Some systems have restrictions on payout of funds, others may have restrictions on fill up of funds, others take a commission for financial transactions with the user's account. These particular qualities exist because of the fact that each payment system is provided by a different purveyor of payment services, which imposes certain restrictions on financial transactions with payment systems. All these features should be taken into account when setting up virtual wallet rules.

The payment system is set up by the system administrator.

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