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In the "Member Accounts" / "Enrollment" section you can view and edit the information / conditions / registration settings. This section contains 3 tabs: "General", "Referral settings" and "Self enrollment".


  1. Create positions on enrollment
    This block includes setting up the creation of a position in the selected tree / trees. There are two options:

    Auto - one position is automatically created.

    Manual - if you select manual, you can choose to create one or several positions.
  • Optional - only one position can be created
  • Allow many - you can create many positions


     2. Access permission

Here you can select a role (with certain access rights), that will be assigned to newly registered users. Select a role from the drop-down list of available application roles. By default, "Not set", if the role is not specified, new users will be registered with the default role (Static).

Referral settings
Section for configuring referral transfers between the company's website and the MLM-Soft system site.

Adding / editing site data

Addition is called by the button from the function panel.
Editing is called by the "pencil" icon next to the saved name of the added site. You can add as many sites as you need, without any restrictions.

Self enrollment

1. Enrollment scenario
On this tab you can select the registration script. The option Email confirmation first is set by default. This is our standard version of self-registration with sending a letter with confirmation to the mailbox, passing by the link attached to it and then authorization. Another option is to authorize immediately after completing the registration form, without confirmation link.

2. Ask user to change temporary password on first login
If this option is on, the password, that was generated for user at registration (and sent to him by email and / or phone) is marked as temporary, and at the first login the system will ask for this password to be changed. If this option is off, the system will not ask you to change the password, respectively.

3. Identify sponsor by
Possible ways of identifying the sponsor on the registration form.

4. Allow to enroll without sponsor
With the switch on  the following settings appear:

  • Specified account. In this mode all accounts, that are registered without specifying a sponsor, will automatically be attributed to the sponsor selected here manually. The choice is made by the Change sponsor button.
  • Rank defined distribution. Automatic distribution, the  principle is configured in the form Property value proportional distribution, when you click Set up button. 

Information on form filling.

  • Weighted property is a rank property (from the drop-down list), that will be used for distribution.
  • Values weight mapping parameter - mapping with a given "weight" for possible values of the previously selected property. Mapping, which determines the "weight" of possible property values, must be specified in percent (this means that such a percentage of registered without specifying a sponsor will be distributed among distributors with this rank value). Weight distribution from ranks to the probability of obtaining a new position (registering without a sponsor).

In the "Inweight selection" section you need to determine, how sponsor will be selected from all distributors with the specified rank value. There are two possible options:

  • Randomize - randomly selected from the generated list.
  • Sort property - select this field and select the property, by which the sort will be done.
    • Descending - specify the order: direct ("Descending" field is marked) or reverse ("Descending" field is not marked), according to the selected property.
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