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For successful work with platform, you need to understand several basic principles on which the system's operation is based.

Basic principles of the platform's operation

  1. The platform is a cloud platform with multi-instance architecture. It means that a separate instance of the platform is automatically created for you (for your MLM company). For convenience sake we call it a copy, an instance or a project. A project is an instance of the platform that is dedicated specifically for you on a separate domain and is configured for the business process of your company.
  2. Working in the cloud means that the system is hosted on specially configured clusters in one of the partners' data centers. You get access to your project via a browser from anywhere you have the Internet.
  3. Payment is made by subscription. Subscription is a monthly payment that covers all the IT services required for the project: a license for the platform, datacenter placement, backup and recovery, administration, technical support for users, free updates for new versions.

What does the platform consist of?

The platform is a set of separate web applications connected to each other in one system. Each application has its own access settings and fulfills specific tasks:

  1. NRM Admin. This is the main application for system administrators. This is the application used by employees of your MLM company office and branches.
  2. Online office. This application is a CMS for creating your own personal back office. Users of this application are your distributors, and for them the application is a tool provided by your company. Therefore, the back office can be customized completely using your company's style: domain, design, menu, pages.
  3. POS Basic. This is the basic application for managing Points-of-sale - points of issue or warehouses of the company. In POS, there is an inventory, sales records, sales accounting, etc. Users of POS Basic can be both employees of your company (administrators, users of NRM Admin) and distributors, Onlineoffce users.   It's not obligatory to use POS Basic for warehouse accounting. You can integrate your own warehouse system which you are more comfortable working with.

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