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Wallet operation types

In the section "Financial Settings" / "Wallet operation types" you can view, create, edit and delete wallet operation types.

On the page the list of operations of wallets, registered in the system is presented in the form of a table. The table shows the name of the operation, its ID number and direction (incoming - "In" and outcoming "Out").

Preset basic operation types:

  • in: Online fill-up through Backoffice
  • in/out: Adjustment
  • in: Commission payment
  • out: Payout through Backoffice
  • in/out: Account to account transfer through Backoffice
  • in/out: Administrative transfer

In the section you can create  new wallet operation type -  with the "Create wallet operation type" button.
On "Create wallet operation type" form it is necessary to fill out the "Name" field - the name of the operation being created. If the operation is an income (direction "In"), then the field "Income" should be marked and click "Submit".

The created operation type will be added to the list of available operations on the page.
You can edit and delete only operation types, that were created manually. The predefined basic operation types are not available for editing and deletion.

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