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This module displays information about the participants of the first line.

Working with FRONTLINE module

The Frontline module has the ability to adjust the number of records per page - 5, 10, 15 and 50. There is also a search bar to find quickly the required participant.

When you click the Show details button, the user card expands, and you can see more detailed information about the participant in it, as well as his marketing indicators. When you click on Hide details, the card returns to its original state.


props type default description
accountId Number
Distributor account ID
accountProperties String [ ] Setting account parameters to display
editableProperties String [ ] Setting account parameters for editing
viewMode String Grid Setting the display mode
Grid or Cards
autoSwtichMode Boolean FALSE If set, then the display mode will be automatically selected - table (for PC), for mobile devices the default display
[ ]
Filter users by  user properties. Example:
accounts-filter=[['m.PV', ">", "100"],['m.PV', "<", "1000"]]

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