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Matrix view

This module allows you to set up tables for a matrix compensation plan

Working with the Matrix Display Module

There are two active areas in the module.
The first is the available tables for this distributor account
The second is the content of the selected table

In operation, you can switch between tables by clicking on the table name in the first area.

When you click on the icon of any user avatar in the active table area, a pop-up window with account information is shown.


props type default description
accountId Number undefined Distributor account ID
textColor String #fff Customizing text color
backgroundColor String rgba(42,128,255,.8) Setting the background color
treeArray String
Matrix tables setup
[<treeID>, <depth>, <table title>]
direction Number 1 Setting the growth direction of the matrix tree
0 - top-down
1 - bottom-up
showClosedTables Boolean TRUE If set, then closed tables are displayed
If set, then open tables are displayed
modalProfileProperties String [ ] Setting profile properties displayed in the pop-up window
modalAccountProfiles String [ ] Setting up personal profile indicators displayed in the pop-up window

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