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This module is designed to present the parameters in the form of graphs.

Working with the Graph module

The module is a graph that displays information on the chosen parameter for different periods.

The graph display can be flexibly adjusted according to the parameters shown in the table below.


props type default description
accountId Number
Distributor account ID
gradient String [ ] Gradient settings
gradientDirection String top Gradient direction
type String trend Graph type
title String
Graph title
lineCap String round The icon when hovering over the graph
color String primary The color of the text, when hovering over the graph
backgroundColor String inherit Background color
metric String
The parameter to be displayed on the graph
radius String, Number 4 Кounding the graph line
padding String, Number 8 Indents
lineWidth String, Number 2 Line width
intervals String, Number 4 Number of intervals
fill Boolean FALSE If set, the area under the curve will be filled with the background color
autoLineWidth Boolean FALSE If set, the line width is set automatically
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