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Integration with Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro ( - a plugin that allows you to organize a subscription to the content of your site on Wordpress. Users will be able to buy different levels of access, get access to protected content, renew subscriptions through recursive (automatic) payments.

To integrate with Paid Memberships Pro plugin, select the appropriate check box in the settings of MLM Soft Integration plugin and be sure to write the alias of the compensation plan properties in the field below:

After you do this, each time a user purchases a website subscription  managed by Paid Memberships Pro plugin, MLM Soft Integration plugin will transfer the order amount to Cloud Platform for a certain property, which in turn will trigger the calculation of user bonuses for the compensation plan.

We also recommend that you to write /membership-account/ in the Back URL on Login field in the MLM Soft Integration plug-in settings, so that after authorization users will be automatically redirected to a personal account with a list of their subscriptions.

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