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Virtual wallets

Virtual wallet serves to reflect the user's money in the system.This is the main concept of financial options in the platform

It is important to understand that the virtual wallet is not areal electronic wallet. The money in this wallet are not stored anywhere in e-wallet payment systems. Virtual users' wallets should be considered as a register of mutual obligations between the company and distributors. For example, if a positive balance of $ 100 is on the virtual wallet of the distributor, this means that the company owes this distributor $ 100. A distributor can use this balance to pay for products or make an application for payout in order to receive real money from the company. In this case, the balance of the wallet will be reduced by the amount of payment.

Depending on the settings, there can be one or several wallets in the system.

Wallets can be different by the following parameters:

For example, two currencies may be used in calculations of the system: the US dollar and the Russian ruble. In this case, at least two virtual wallets can be created: in one wallet the money will be reflected in dollars, and in another wallet it will be reflected in rubles.

Let's suggest, the system has settings that allow the purchase of goods only in dollars, and the payout of funds - only in rubles. In this case, two virtual wallet will be available for user. A special virtual wallet can be set up in the system where commissions will be charged, the payout of funds from which is not allowed by the settings, but nevertheless the user can purchase the goods for these funds. In this case, a third virtual wallet will be available for user.

Wallet configuration and allowed operations in the wallets can be set up  by the system administrator.

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