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The platform offers different payout options.

In order for the user to perform such an operation, it is necessary that the rules of the virtual wallet have the appropriate setting. So this is only available if the administrator of the system has made such configuration.

Since the virtual wallets are not actually electronic wallets and have nothing to do with storing users' real money, Payout operations should be considered in this context. The MLM Soft Cloud Platform maintains an automated information record of transfers, and the financial transactions between the company and the payment instrument are the subject of a direct contract between the company and the relevant provider.

The operation of "payout", that is, writing off funds from a virtual wallet, means in this case the repayment of the company's debit obligation to the user. For example, based on the calculation of the commission, $ 100 is added to the virtual wallet. This means that the company owes the user $ 100. The withdrawal operation in this case means that the company in one way or another paid the real money to this user, and accordingly the obligation is repaid, which is reflected in the balance of the virtual wallet.

The actual payment operations are performed automatically or in manual mode, depending on the payment instruments used.

The cash payout is always performed by the system administrator. All the payments are made upon Payout Request. Requests can be generated automatically as a part of the compensation plan algorithm, or withdrawals can be requested by distributors themselves in the Online Office app. 

A Payout Request has the following information:

- Payee - receiver of funds

- Amount

- Source wallet

- All the payment details that are needed for the company financial department to actually process the payout

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