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Wordpress integration

For integration with a website on CMS Wordpress the plugin MLM Soft Integration is used. The plugin allows to make a single authorization and registration of users between the website and the platform, to organize work on the basis of a single website  of personalized distributor sites and use their referral links.

The plugin is being installed in the standard way: in the administrative area of the site you need to select Plugins - Add New. To install the plugin from the zip-archive click Upload plugin link. After installation, do not forget to activate the plugin.

After activation in the main menu of the administrative area a new item will appear  - Mlm Soft options. Get in it and fill in the main fields:

Setup Description Example
MLM Soft Project URL

Project domain at
Online Office URL

Onlineoffice domain (distributor's back office
API Token
 API auth key*

* For the correct work of the plugin and all the mechanisms it contains, it is necessary that the url of the site is written in the list of trusted in your instance of the platform (stand). In order us to do this and to tell you the necessary authorization key, please contact our technical support at

Authorization and user registration on the website

Once the plugin is installed and activated, the standard authorization and registration form of WordPress is automatically replaced by the corresponding forms of the project's personal account domain and all registered users will be linked bIn addition, you can optionally set up pages to which the user will be redirected after logging on or leaving the site - this is done on the settings page.etween WordPress and the project on Cloud Platform.

If it is necessary to login under a previously existing user of the website who does not have an account, you should use a special link:

In addition, you can optionally set up pages to which the user will be redirected after logging on or leaving the site - this is done on the settings page Mlm Soft options:

Setup Description Example
Back URL on Login
Redirection page after login /members/
Back URL on Logout
Redirection page after logout

Personalized distributor websites and referral links

There are two ways to organize the work of personalized distributor sites:

1) using ready-made headers and footer templates,

2) personalize the necessary blocks in the template and texts independently using special codes

Ready-made templates
Affiliate Header and Automatic Authorized User Header options on the Mlm Soft options page. In order get it to work, you need to enter the following code into the theme files used on the site:

Theme file Code
<?php echo do_shortcode('[mlmsoft_header]'); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode('[mlmsoft_footer]'); ?>

If you have added this code to the topic and you have the Automatic Affiliate Header checkbox in the plugin settings, the following items will be automatically displayed when a user enters the site via a referral link:
at the top:

down there:

Where Hazel Carr, phone and e-mail are the details of the user who provided the referral link.
Also, if you have Automatic Authorized User Header checkbox in plugin settings, the following item will be automatically shown at the top of all pages:

Where Hazel Carr is the name of an authorized user, and Online office is a link to his personal account

Special shortcode

Code Remarks
The text between these tags will only be shown if the referral code is known (the user has entered the referral link or the code is stored in  cookies).
[mlmsoft_ref_field field='firstname']
Distributor name (hereafter referred to as the owner of the referral link)
[mlmsoft_ref_field field='lastname']
Distributor's last name
[mlmsoft_ref_field field='phone']
Distributor's phone number
[mlmsoft_ref_field field='email']
Distributor's E-mail
[mlmsoft_ref_field field='invite_code']
Distributor's referral code
[mlmsoft_invite_code] Code for the referral link of the current authorized user

For example, using these shortcodes, you can place the following text on the home page of the site, which will be shown only to users who have accessed the site via a distributor referral link:

[mlmsoft_ref_fields]This opportunity is proudly presented by [mlmsoft_ref_field field='firstname'] [mlmsoft_ref_field field='lastname'].
I'm your consultant and happy to help! You can reach me by phone [mlmsoft_ref_field field='phone'] or email [mlmsoft_ref_field field='email'][/mlmsoft_ref_fields]

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