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Replicated websites

Replicated (personalized) site is a lead generation tool used to enroll potential subscribers - customers or team members - and  provided by your MLM company to its distributors.

Replicated website means that distributors have unique links to the site on which information about the company and a product is provided. It can be a landing page, a company website or an online store.

The site itself, however, remains the same, only some personal information can be added to it - for example, the name of the distributor or their contact details on the page "Contacts":

Technically, it makes no sense to create separate personal sites for all distributors (they can create such websites by themselves if they find it useful for business).

Personification mechanism

The personification mechanism fulfills 2 tasks:

  1. Placing additional information on the site indicating that the site is provided by a particular distributor.
  2. Placing any visitor accessing the site via referral link and deciding to register into the structure of this distributor (referral), the owner of a replicated site.

The principle of the personification system is as follows:

  • There is a company site (any site) that operates, for example, at
  • There are personalized links for each distributor. This can be a referral link like, or, for example, a third-level
  • After somebody’s following such link, the special module of the site determines which distributor the link belongs to.
  • The site module receives (via API) information about this distributor (name, city, country, contact details).
  • The information about the distributor can be displayed in the right place of the site, for example:
  • Further, if a visitor registers on the site, the code of this distributor is transmitted to the registration form so that the new network member is registered under it.

Personalization module

As you can see from the description, a special module needs to be installed on your website (which you will personalize) to create personalized sites for your distributors.

This module can be developed by third-party developers absolutely for any content management system (CMS). For this, standard API functions are used.

In addition, you can use free ready-made integration modules developed by us for popular content management systems (CMS):

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal

This list is constantly updated!

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