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Referral link

Referral link is a universal and simple mechanism of integrating the platform with absolutely any website.

The referral link is a link to a website, unique for each distributor, which is promoted by the distributor for advertising purposes in order to obtain new subscribers (customers, team members). Visitors of the website, who accessed it via this link, will be registered under the distributor who provided the link.

It is most often used for integration with a corporate site or landing pages.

The most important thing here is that you do not need to develop anything on the website side, and the website itself can be made using absolutely any technology and by any third-party contractor.

It is enough to add the website that you want to integrate into the list of referral sites (in the registration settings) and get a special js code.

This code should be added to all pages of the website that will be integrated. The presence of this code on the site will add the functionality of the referral link!

Now following link to this site like will be tracked, and the id will be stored in the cookie of this distributor (referral), the owner of the link.

The distributor can see their referral links which they can distribute for advertising purposes in their back office module.

In addition, a special js code should be added to the website - on the "Register" button or a link.

So, when a new visitor clicks the button or the link, they will go to the registration page of their back office. In this case, the field "sponsor" will be already automatically determined (the owner of the link).

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