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Most standard way of new distributor accounts come into the platform is via self-registration on your website (online store) or the online office registration page. There's also an option to import accounts via API or uploading a CSV file.

Admin user (having certain access role) can also create a network account manually in the NRM app.\

To create new distributor accounts:

  1. Enter the required information such as sponsor, email, last name, first name, and other relevant details.
  2. Optionally, specify additional details such as title, invite code, and privacy settings.
  3. Determine if the distributor should bypass the sign-up process or if they should have administrative privileges.
  4. Provide any external IDs, language preferences, and contact information.
  5. Specify the distributor's country, mailing address, and region.
  6. Optionally, input banking details such as bank account number and bank name.
  7. Include Skype ID, phone number, card ID, gender, and birth date if applicable.
  8. Complete the account creation process as per the platform's guidelines.

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