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NRM 2.0

Network Relationship Management (NRM) app is an important part of the MLM Soft cloud platform. This is an admin app for your MLM company founders, executives, and all the admin staff, so you can run your MLM network business. Here you can get all the details on each account in your network, current values, calculations, complete history of everything. You're able to do manual adjustments wherever it's needed. Although access to key features like that may be restricted and configured in different access roles.

  1. Operating with network

    1. Import Accounts
    2. Create Account
    3. Visual Genealogy
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  2. Finances

    1. Payouts
    2. Transactions
  3. Account Details

    1. External ID
    2. Account Reports
    3. Account Wallet
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  4. Operating with compensation plan

    1. Document import
    2. Calculation
    3. Document registry
  5. Settings