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Entire Network

Entire Network is a page that lists all network members in a table, the table can be customized to show the profile fields and marketing properties of the accounts you need, you can filter the data and export in CSV format.
Above the table there is a menu with controls.

Manage columns opens a popup with two lists of table columns:
available columns on the left;
visible columns on the right.
Drag columns to the right to see them in the table.
Enable filter opens a filter row where you can select a property, function, and value.
Export data opens a window where you can export the filtered data or all the data. After the export is done, a link to download the data file will be sent to you via the e-mail you specify.
Export Marketing activity by period allows you to export all marketing properties of all accounts for the selected period. After exporting, a link to download the data file will be sent to you by e-mail you specify.
Show inactive switch is disabled by default, if enabled, the table will show deleted accounts.
The account search bar allows you to quickly find an account by ID, email, first name, last name. Type one of the search criteria - results will appear, click the desired account - the table will show this account and related accounts.

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