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The Payouts page is dedicated to maintaining records of withdrawal requests of an accounts from your network.

It's located under Finance section of the Menu on the left side of any page and can be accessed anytime:


On top of the page, under fixed bar with a search field, you may find three selectors by which information on the page is filtered by:
1. Period of time;
2. Payment system;
3. Status of the request.
The last field can be filled with account ID from the system to only display requests from that particular account.

The body of a table below displays information about the payout requests made from a back office by users of your network.
Rows represent each individual request while columns represent it's property- ID of the request , date of the request, an account ID which made request etc.


The current status of a chosen payout requests can be changed by pressing a checkbox on the left side of the row and then clicking on the pencil icon above selectors:

A payout request is complete when it's reaching a "Complete" status, until then only New or Processing statuses can be manually changed.
For example, below is a message appearing when trying to change request from Complete status:


To work with the list of requests outside of the Payouts page, an export of data might be performed by pressing on a file with an arrow on top of the page:

In a newly opened pop-up some information must be filled first:
1. Receiver email, on which export file will come;
2. Delimiter of the cells, file is gonna be in CSV formatting;
3. Rows selection, what requests are gonna be in the export file: 1) all of the request gathered by the system, 2) all of the requests that are not in Complete status, 3) a system shall use previously configured filter from Navigation section;

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