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Message templates

On the "Message templates" page, you can view and edit message templates.
The page displays two tabs "Messages" - notifications of users about the events, that occurred; and "System" - Service messages.

"Messages" tab contains the texts of the following messages:
Log - texts of message templates in the system log of application ("System log").
Email - texts of templates of messages by e-mail.
Sms - texts of message templates on a mobile phone.
Notification - texts of internal message templates of the application.

The template text is a link that opens a window for editing the message. The "Edit" window contains fields: "Theme" - name of the message and "Body" - a template for the message text.
On the page, you can filter by Event Types - "Event Group" and the language package switcher - "Language". Filtering of templates is performed according to the language package specified in the user profile and in the system settings (specified when registering with the SIPP system).

"System" - service messages. Service messages are not tied to event types, but are generated from localized templates. The set of service notifications is predetermined and can be transmitted via two channels: SMS or email.

On the page, the language package switcher "Language" is also available.
Message templates are specified by the user in text form using calculated values. Calculated values (placeholders) in the text of the templates are surrounded by double curly braces, for example {{actor_ip}}
For example, the "Body" field of the "Account status changed" message has the following view:
 Account ID: {{account_id}} status changed by {{actor_fullname}} {{{actor_ip}} at {{event_date}} {{event_time}}, new status: {{new_status_val}}.
When you receive a message, these macros will be replaced with something like this:
Account ID: 24568 changed by Ivanov Ivan 10.15.8787 at 01/02/2014 13:04:30, new status: supervisor.
Each event type can have many templates for various types of event processing (send email, sms, log, etc) and various message localizations.
When creating a message, the template is localized by the value of the language in the account profile.
In the table are available: uploading to a file and sorting by columns (see section "Working with tables").

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