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Introduction to the Online office app

The Online office app is a part of Cloud Platform. It's a separate application dedicated to your network members as its end-users.

This means that the online office is a tool that your MLM company gives to their members. For your networkers this online office (or back office) is provided by your company, not by MLM Soft.

So this online office for your project must appear as your corporate website solution.

That's why we made the online office as a constructor which can be customized and configured in any way. Its architecture allows to build your custom online office from existing blocks, or adjust any of pre-defined configurations.

In the first case you can make the online office as a part of your existing website with its own design and structure.

In the second case you can create your own design for the online office, or configure theme of an existing one.

Basic configuration of the online office is a fully-functional web application with a set of pages and components having all set of features for any modern MLM business.

We recommend you to start from this basic configuration, then customize it the way you want: design, pages, content. And then if you'll find it useful to make your custom solution. 

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