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Revolving Matrix

Revolving Matrix (or Board Plan) is a very popular model for any types of online business. Most of companies using this type of plan offer services, investments, or any virtual product to purchase to enter the program.

In Revolving Matrix plan the member invites two other members in the set level and make them as the downline members. Then the two members can invite the other two downline members, this chain continues and level set completed. 

When the number of members exceeds the limit of the board, it is split into two sub-boards and the top member is promoted to the higher level. This keeps repeating every time a board reaches the maximum allowed members.

This member who got his board entirely filled (all levels) earns bonus (one-time payment) and got new position in next board (so-called 're-invest'). So this new positions in new boards create automatically, and that's why this plan is called Revolving or Re-Cycling.

Joining the program

In order to join the program you purchase starter-kit. This is whatever the company offers, subscription, service, investment, license, content, trainings.

There are 3 different starter-kits to choose:

(any price)
(any price)
(any price)

Once you purchased the starter-kit you get a position (place) in the board (table) of a certain status. Board type corresponds to that starter-kit. All persons with Bronze status  acquire positions in first (Bronze) board, and so on.

You can have as many positions in each board as you want. Your account status depends on a maximum board you have (either by purchasing a starter-kit or by achieving this board in the program).

Earning rewards

Once you get your position and your board your task now is to make this board entirely filled, i.e. to close this board.

In order to do this you must enroll at least 2 new members personally. You can enroll more but no less.

Referral bonus

For each personally enrolled new member you get referral bonus.

Referral bonus is calculated as a percent from the price of starter-kit purchased by new member. The percent depends on your status (your maximum board acquired):

- you get 5% of $50 from those who purchased Bronze
- you get 5% of $150 from those who purchased Silver (while you're still on Bronze)
- you get 5% of $450 from those who purchased Gold
- you get 10% of $50 from those who purchased Bronze
- you get 10% of $150 from those who purchased Silver
- you get 10% of $450 from those who purchased Gold
- you get 15% of $50 from those who purchased Bronze
- you get 15% of $150 from those who purchased Silver
- you get 15% of $450 from those who purchased Gold

This referral bonus appears at your bonus wallet immediately.

Table bonus

These newly enrolled members will be placed to your board forming your first line, and then second line, and then third line:


(Number of lines i.e. depth of the board can be configured: 1-2-4 or 1-2-4-8)

Your partners will do the same: sign new members up. And they also will be placed to your board, until it gets full.

Once the board is full you get your one-time reward depending on the status of that board:



Once you close your board besides you earn a reward you continue to participate in the program:

  • you acquire new position in next (higher) board; if it's already a highest (3rd) board you acquire new position with the same status (same board)
  • your first line partners are now on-top of their on boards each
  • once they close their boards and acquire new position they will follow you to the next board

Plan parameters

Parameters of this revolving matrix plan can be adjusted according to your specific needs. The following parameters are configurable:

  • Name of each board (status)
  • Board depth (size of matrix) can be chosen between 1-2-4 or 1-2-4-8
  • Price of starter kit for each board can be any
  • Percentage of referral bonus can be any; it may differ depending on a status (maximum board achieved)
  • Bonus paid for each board can be any

Count of boards (types of boards) isn't adjustable. It's always 3 of them. You can deprecate re-invest in the last one for example so it means to make it count 2. If you want to have more than 3 boards in your plan please ask MLM Soft manager to perform an evaluation of this custom compensation plan programming.

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