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Hybrid-Binary Plan

The high potential of Binary Plans is confirmed by the success of modern MLM companies that had reached sales of 1 billion and more in a very short time.
The Hybrid-Binary Plan is an upgrade version of classic Binary Plan with high dynamic that allows you to start building a network very quickly even in a new market.

Recommended* for companies which are ready to an aggressive start or market expansion.

* you can modify all bonuses, figures, currencies, percentage and benefits ( marked in red) according to your own business.

You can get paid three different ways:

Referral bonus

Team bonus

Matching bonus

You get referral bonus every time you refer your friends to our company and they
purchase something. You will see your bonus in real-time immediately in your online

As you grow your team and help them do the same, you will be rewarded for all sales
generated by your teams and its referrals 

When you help your team members grow and become
leaders, you can get paid an extra 20% of their earnings on team bonus. This is a great reward for you to help your people succeed.

* In order to get any kind of bonus in the Rewards Plan, you should confirm your status of active customer and partner.

The maximum payout to our affiliates is capped at ___%** of total sales of the company calculated in Commissionable Volume
** Percentage depends on the parameters marked in red.

Account Status

A Starter Kit is a set of products with a special discount plus advertising and promo materials.

There are four different Starter Kits available. You need to choose any of it in order to participate and get your rewards. Your reward options and account status depend on which Starter Kit you have purchased.

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

$ 50

$ 100

$ 200

$ 500

You get:
- Referral bonus (no limits)               - 10% Team bonus  

You get:
- Referral bonus (no limits)          
- 12% Team bonus
- 10% Matching bonus (unlimited)

You get:
- Referral bonus (no limits)          
- 14% Team bonus  
- 15% Matching bonus (unlimited)

You get:
- Referral bonus (no limits)          
- 15% Team bonus
- 20% Matching bonus (unlimited)

Recommended for beginners

Recommended for home-business

Recommended for real involvement

Recommended for serious entrepreneurs who want to build a big business as fast as possible

To keep your account active, you should also have an active license for the Online Office which is an online service for all members. The Online Office service fee is $__ for ___months. 

Referral Bonus

Earning Referral bonus is simple. Once your referral buys something, you earn commissions from that purchase and every time they buy in the future.

Your Referral bonus is:
 20% of CV of the first purchase of your first direct referrals,

and 10% of CV of all next purchases of all your direct referrals.

Please notice that each product has its own Commissionable Volume (CV) amount, i.e., the amount to be paid as a bonus to the affiliate network. Real commission for each product may differ according to cost, price, and margin of that product.

For example, this is how you can earn referring others to join the program with different Starter Kits*:

Starter Kit



Referral Bonus 20%



50 CV



100 CV




200 CV




500 CV


* Please note, the Referral bonus doesn’t depend on your account status. Unlike many other network marketing programs, you get your bonus from all your direct referrals. 

As an example:

if you join us with Standard Starter Kit (for $100), and then you referred your acquaintance who enrolled with Unlimited Starter Kit ($500 and 500 CV) you get 20% of 500 which is $100

Your direct referrals can also choose to participate just as you are or they may choose not to. It is entirely up to them.

The easiest way to get Referral bonus is to use your unique Referral link, which can be found in your Online Office. Once your contact uses your link and buys something, the platform will automatically connect them to your account, so whenever they enroll or buy something anytime in the future you will get rewarded for that.

The bonus is paid immediately to your Online Office but in order to avoid fraud, you cannot request payout earlier than a week after they purchased.

There are no limitations on Referral bonus. The more you refer, the more you make.

Team Bonus

This is where it starts to get really exciting. Your Team bonus is your first passive income bonus. As you are building a network of people sharing our products, the opportunity you can make a profit from all the products purchased in your whole network increases.

Everyone you are introducing to the team is placed in your Team Tree on either the Right or Left team. Every time a member of your team sells or buys a product, those sales generate Group Volume* (GV) which is used to calculate your Team bonus.

As your teams grow, you earn GV for every product sales they make. **

When both your Teams reaches at least _____ GV each, you earn Team Bonus as 10-15% of the smallest Team GV. Team Bonus is paid weekly and is recurring – you continue to get your percent of the smallest Team GV every time you have ___ GV in both Teams.***

Team Bonus percentage depends on your Account status:









* All GVs are generated from CVs.

** You should have at least one personally enrolled member in each Team to be qualified for Team Bonus.

*** Once the bonus is paid, the equal GV of both Teams nullifies, and rest of the biggest Team GV remains for further periods. Team bonus commission basis is limited up to _______ GV in a week.

Matching Bonus

The Matching bonus is a great reward for helping your team become successful. The more successful you are in training your Direct referrals (your personally invited members) on how to sell products, the more successful they will be, and the more you can earn.

When you train and lead your people to higher success, you will get additional Matching bonus. Matching bonus is up to 20% of Team bonus earned by your Direct referral team-members.

Matching bonus is only paid when your account status is  Standard or higher.







To earn your weekly Matching bonus, you must have an active account and be qualified for Team bonus, i.e., have one Direct referral (your personally invited member) in both your teams.

The sum of your Matching bonus percentage depends on your account status and it is unlimited. The more people you bring in, the more you can make.

Leadership Ranks and Lifestyle Rewards

To achieve any rank, you must have an active account and be qualified for Team bonus. Rank depends on the Group Volume (GV) made by your teams*, and a number of qualified direct referrals.





- Active Account Status

Qualified Partner
- Active Account Status
 - Qualified for Team Bonus

1-star Distributor

- Be a Qualified Partner
 - Have 2 personally enrolled Qualified Partner

2-star Distributor

- Be a Qualified Partner
 - Have 4 personally enrolled Qualified Partner

3-star Distributor

- Be a Qualified Partner
 - Have 8 personally enrolled Qualified Partner

4-star Distributor

- Be a 3-star Distributor
 - Accumulate  10K GV in both Teams

5-star Distributor

- Be a 4-star Distributor
 - Accumulate  21K GV in both Teams

1-star Manager

- Accumulate  50K  GV in both Teams

2-star Manager

- Accumulate  100K  GV in both Teams

3-star Manager

- Accumulate  200K  GV in both Teams

4-star Manager

- Accumulate  400K GV in both Teams

5-star Manager

- Accumulate  750K  GV in both Teams

1-star Director

- Accumulate  1,25M  GV in both Teams

2-star Director

- Accumulate  2,5M  GV in both Teams

3-star Director

- Accumulate  5M  GV in both Teams

4-star Director

- Accumulate  10M GV in both Teams

5-star Director

- Accumulate  20M  GV in both Teams

Gold Ambassador
- Accumulate  35M  GV in both Teams

Platinum Ambassador

- Accumulate  60M  GV in both Teams

Ruby Ambassador

- Accumulate  100M GV in both Teams

Sapphire Ambassador

- Accumulate  150M  GV in both Teams

Emerald Ambassador

- Accumulate  200M  GV in both Teams

Diamond Ambassador

- Accumulate  350M GV in both Teams

* Only GV which led to Team Bonus payment and thus was nullified counts in rank requirements   

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