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Starter kit

The distributor can select and purchase the product/service set or upgrade them on this page.

Working with Starter kit module

The module is a customizable depending on the product being sold.

Maps are flexibly configurable.


props type default description
accountId Number
Distributor account ID
currency String USD Currency setting
commentTitle String Enter comment Setting up a comment header for the payment system
moneySymbol String $ Setting the currency symbol
comment String buy Setting up a comment for the payment system
rGoodTitle String
Setting the message header, on successful execution
rGoodBody String {sum} Setting the text of the message, on successful execution
rBadTitle String
Setting the message header, in case of unsuccessful execution
rBadBody String {sum} Setting the message text, in case of unsuccessful execution
buttonText String Buy now Customizing the button text
title String
Configuring the packet header
titleMinHeight String
Setting the minimum header height
bgClass String bg-blue Setting the background color
description String
Setting up the description
moneyText String 0 Price Setting
isBold Boolean FALSE If set, the text will be italicized

Setting up a payment wallet
amount Number 0 Cost Adjustment
walletTypeId Number
Setting up a wallet type ID

Configuring payment system IDs
changedPlanProperties String
Setting up the properties of the marketing plan to be changed
askComment Boolean FALSE If set the text field for comments, when the button is pressed is active
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