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Online order

On this page you can view the product catalog and place an order.

Working with Online order module

For convenience, the products are divided into categories - this can be seen at the top of the page. You can also use the search bar.

Search works by SKU or name.

The necessary products can be added to the cart, after you do it the cart icon appears in the lower right corner of the page, when you click on it, the page for placing an order opens. There you can edit the quantity of the selected product, specify the payment method, enter a comment if you wish, and pay.


In the module settings, you need to specify the wallet, currency, possible payment methods; choose which marketing properties of the product (points, status, SKU) to show in the product card. You can turn off the division into categories. You can also disable the function of partial payment for goods from the bonus virtual wallet.

props type default description
hideDeliveryPrice Boolean FALSE If set, delivery price is hidden
agreeCheckbox Boolean FALSE If checked then checkbox is enabled
commentRequired Boolean FALSE If set, then the comment field is required
feedGroupNumber String
feed group number
deliveryUrl String
Specify delivery setting (path to information .txt file)
feedUrl String
Setting up products to display (specify the path to the .xml file)
marketingParams String [ ] Setting up marketing parameters
showParams String
Setting options to display
currency String USD Currency setting
showCategory Boolean TRUE If set, the product categories are displayed
walletPay Boolean FALSE If set, the payment from the wallet is included
walletId Number
Setting up a Wallet ID
paymentSystems String [ ] Setting up payment systems
rGoodTitle String
Setting the message header on successful execution
rGoodBody String {sum} Setting the text of the message, on successful execution
rBadTitle String
Setting the message header, in case of unsuccessful execution
rBadBody String {sum} Setting the text of the message, on unsuccessful execution
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