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Distribution settings

This module allows you to set the settings for placing new accounts in the distributor structure

Working with Distribution Settings module

There is a button, after clicking on which a drop-down list appears.

Using this module, a distributor can customize the way new accounts are placed in their structure


props type default description

Distributor account ID

Setting the spill ID

Setting the distribution value
disabled Boolean
If installed, the module is inactvive
dropleft Boolean
If set, the menu drops to the left
dropright Boolean
If set, the menu drops to the right
dropup Boolean
If set, the menu drops to the top
lazy Boolean
If set, then menu items will be rendered only when the menu is open
right Boolean
If set, the right corner of the dropdown menu will be
placed under the right corner of the menu button
variant String
Color style

Choose files or drag and drop files
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