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DNS records setup for custom domain

You can use your own domain name for the front part of the platform (Online Office, website, online store).

To do this, you need to configure the DNS records of your domain. We recommend you to contact your technician for this setting.

Below is information about what needs to be configured.

DNS addressing technology differs depending on whether you are setting up your own domain for an online store, or for an Online Office (since the online store is located in a separate droplet, while the Online Office and the rest of the platform work in a managed cluster in the cloud ).

Domain setup for online store

As soon as the instance is launched on our default domains, it has IP address. If you know this IP address you can set up DNS records of your own domain. 

Here is the step by step guide:

- make sure that your instance is launched and activated on default domain;

- contact our support if you want to add your own domain ( pay attention that it can influence your plan rate since custom domain is available only from Community plan or hihger);

- you will be sent IP address, set up DNS record A with this IP.  You have to visit an admin panel of your domain, Manage DNS section. You change or create A record for the domain and enter there IP that you got from us. As an example how to do it for Godaddy as the most popular registrator;

- in case of issues contact our Support (;

- As soon as you finish with DNS setup contact us again (only if any additional setup or assistance is required from our side)

- It will take some time until DNS records will be renewed and instance will be available on your domain;

Domain setup for your Online Office

If you want your Online Office to work on your own domain, then you need to do the following setup:

In CNAME record you must specify the value in accordance with the region of your instance of the cloud platform (check with your manager or technical support).

A CNAME record is edited in the same way as an A record (described in the previous section), except that the CNAME record contains the canonical host name, not the IP address.

This is due to the mechanism of the cloud platform, which is located in the cluster, and operates independently of the physical servers and their IP addresses.

Please, pay attention, this setting will only work for third-level domains. For example, or

If you want your Online Office to work on your second-level domain, you will need to delegate the entire second-level domain zone to our cluster. This is done by prescribing NS records in your DNS. To make this setting, contact technical support.

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